Lets Play!

Researcher, studying peoples play in public place.

the Quest

The Quest is an interactive exhibit at the Swedish National Museum of Technology. The exhibition is inspired by technology and game-design solutions from escape rooms, and aim to use the format in a way suitable for museums and science centers, to create a deeper more immersed engagement with the exhibition. The game deals with the in science centers and technology museums constantly ongoing question of increasing the interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or as they are commonly known, the STEM-subjects.

In the game the players take on the role of grandchildren to a known (fictitious) turn-of-the-century explorer, and set out to find the treasures she hid around the world during her years of adventure. The players are issued a ‘passport’ that acts as a player marker and physical device to interact with the game and then set out to explore the exhibition. The game is a full-body experience, being played as you physically visit the exhibition.

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