What I Can do for You

If you are interested in a presentation, or you need a new pair of playful eyes on a problem. I've been presenting my view on play, playfulness, games and design for many kinds of audiences. From stage-presentations for hundreds of people down to specific idea consyltancy on sigular specific problems. I am always willing to share my ideas!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested! Here are some of the things I could help you with:

Understanding Play

Play is a basic concepts, even beyond the one we call culture. In my talks I show you why play is an important factor for us all. It is not separate from work, but can istead be a strong driving force in all we do. I present how we can use this force, and design for it.

When Computer Games Leve the Screen

A design research close presentation on the future of gaming, from a play perspective. I a captive way I present both how the new wearable technology changes gaming already today, but also how the ancient activity of playing is still part of gaming today, and how we might not have changed as much as we thing. In the end the audience will have a new perspective on play, giving them new ways of thinking both on their own gaming and their design activites.

Game Desing Matters!

For the design oriented audience, this is a call to arms! A presentation on how, and why, game design is important, and what it means for the world when a designer thinks through a desing choice, and what it means when they don't. The presentation will give you passion, change, and an activits view on game design.

Playful Design Workshops

Creating playfulness in your environment. Be it product development, a new outlook on your work environment, or an interesting thing for the museum open house. This is all specialised for your occation and your questions, to give just your situation as much as possible.